• Classified Senate Pillars Overview

    Classified Senate members may serve on multiple pillars, but may only serve as lead on no more than 2 pillars. The minimum number on any pillar shall be two classified members. One elected and one assigned. 

  • Community Outreach

    Depending on budget and availability, responsibilities include food pantry volunteers, Giving Tree, Friendship Week, and Secret Pals. Individuals in this pillar will be tasked with assisting with ideas and ordering of gifts, assisting with promotion of events, assist with the organization and coordinating of programs, report back to Classified Senate about events, and solicit volunteers to serve on the pillar. 

  • Events

    Depending on budget and availability, responsibilities include the annual back to school lunch, classified dinners and auctions, end of year BBQ, and holiday mixer. Individuals in this pillar will be tasked with creating calendar events, scheduling of events in district software such as EMS, publicize events via district email, solicit volunteers to serve on pillar, and coordinate logistics for each event. 

  • Fund Raising

    Depending on budget and availability, responsibilities include See's candy winter and spring sales, event auctions, graduation candy and leis. Individuals in this pillar will be tasked with sharing information about sales via district emails, help at auctions with items, set-up and payments, create and advertise the candy ribbon/leis and solicit volunteers to serve on pillar. 

  • Awards

    Responsibilities include monitoring the GEM Awards, Classified Recognition Awards, Student Scholarship Award and Longevity award. Individuals in this pillar will be tasked with soliciting GEM nominations for staff awards, Pat Tognazzi scholarship logistics, identify those getting longevity pins, send invites, keep pin inventory and supply ordering as needed. 

  • Elections

    Responsibilities include holding elections and facilitating reorganizations within Classified Senate. Individuals in this pillar are tasked with yearly election process-communications, ballots and additional logistics pertaining to elections. 

  • Professional Development

    Responsibilities include Leadership Training and Mentorship Program for Classified Professionals. Tasks within this pillar will include coordinating and finding trainings for Classified Staff and Coordinating Logistics for Mentorship Programs. Learn more about Classified Professional Development. 


    DRAFT LANGUAGE SPRING 2024: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Anti-Racism, Accessibility, and Justice Pillar will aim to find ways to address the lack of diversity among classified senate membership; as well as the larger classified body, and how we can improve the inclusion of more classified professionals in Classified Senate, specifically more BIPOC colleagues. Members of the pillar will be tasked with working to share resources among Classified Senate to build DEIAAJ knowledge, including working with the Professional Development Pillar to provide training opportunities to help make SRJC Classified Senate an Equitable, Anti-Racist, accessible, inclusive environment striving for justice for all students, and employees.nbsp;