Officers and Senators

Officers and Senatores
Name Term Sector
Ari Poppers 2017-2019 A. Communication Studies, Theater Arts, Art, Music, Consumer/Family Studies, Culinary
Jo Ann Olsen 2016-2018 B. Disability Resources
Debra Riedmuller 2016-2018 C. Admissions and Records
Nicole O'Brien 2016-2018 D. Accounting, Administrative Services, Educational Programs, Mail, Scheduling, AAIII Deans, Purchasing
Regina Mahiri 2016-2018 E. Financial Aid, Scholarship, Veterans Affairs, Matriculation, Assessment
Tina Laws 2017-2019 F. Graphic Services, Public Relations, Foundation, Adaptive PE, College Skills
Amy Ethington 2016-2018 G. Student Employment, Transfer Center, Work Experience, Counseling, CalWorks, Articulation, EOPS, Mesa, College to Careers, School Relations, Student Affairs, Student Services
Davida Brookfield 2016-2018 H. Information Technology, Staff Development, Academic Senate, Bussman Service Center, AAIII STEM, Jesse Peter Museum
Tina Rosenberg 2017-2019 I. Child Development, Children's Center
Linda Jay 2016-2018 J. Human Resources, Payroll, Auto Shop, Industrial Trade Tech
Cindy Dickinson 2016-2018 K. English, Modern & Classical Languages, Emeritus Service Center, Environmental Health and Safety, Health Sciences, Health Services
Ann Schott 2017-2019 L. Earth Space Science, Ag/Natural Resources Lark Service Center, College Farm, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Applied Tech, Engineering/Physics, Mathematics, Planetarium
Kris Dalby 2016-2018 M. BCL, Business Administration, Computer Studies, Healthcare Workforce, Kinesiology/Athletics/Dance, Foster Kinship Care,Dean BAD, ESL
Elaine Guidry 2017-2019 N. Facilities Operations, Warehouse
Mary Griffin 2015-2017 O. District Police
Greg Drukala 2017-2018 P. Petaluma Campus
Kimm Howard 2016-2018 Q. Bookstore, Community Education, Tutorial
  2015-2017 R. Library, Media Services, Instructional Computing, Distance Education, Dean AAIII, Arts, Comm,Behavioral/Social Science
Heather Adams & Christopher Lorange 2017-2019 S. Public Safety Training Center-Windsor
  2016-2018 T. Senator "at large"
Debbie Weatherly 2016-2018 U. Senator "at large"
  2016-2017 SEIU Liaison
Name Term Officer
Kathy Matthies 2016-2018 President
Cece Jones 2017-2018 President-Elect
Logo Tevaseu 2017-2018 Vice President
Chas Crocker 2018-2020 Secretary
Jackie De Lap 2016-2018 Treasurer
Maria Banachowicz 2016-2018 Communications Specialist