Caring Campus

What is Caring Campus?

Caring Campus is an initiative to support student success! Caring Campus increases student retention and persistence rates by shifting from transactional to relational in the delivery of student services.

  • It's an intentional effort to make students feel welcome and a sense of connectedness at our college.
  • It engages classified professionals in student success efforts.
  • It helps classified professionals connect with one another.
  • It helps classified professionals connect with other employee groups to create a positive college environment.
  • It creates behavior change that influences culture change across campus​.
  • It causes the college to reexamine policy barriers to student success.

Behavioral Commitments

We are ALREADY a Caring Campus! The goal is to make the following five behavioral commitments intentional and campus-wide. There are in-person and virtual applications available below.  

Commitment 1: Ten Foot Rule

Whenever a student is within 10’ and seems to need assistance, take the initiative to approach them. Say hello, smile, and use a positive tone. 

Virtual: Reach out to students via phone, email, and/or text to let them know you’re available to answer questions, etc. 

Commitment 2: Nametags

Wear name badges or lanyards with the college name on them so that students will know who to approach with questions. ​

Virtual: Give your information upfront. Start each contact with your name and department. Ask for student’s name and contact information in case you get disconnected. 

Commitment 3: Cross department awareness

Learn about other departments so you know where to send students. Maintain accurate and up-to-date detailed directories. ​

Suggestions/Best Practice: Have department contact information clear and easy to find​. Create and maintain department staff pages, link from a landing page with all department staff pages​. Take a tour of campus to see who's new and what's moved or changed.

Commitment 4: Warm Referrals

Call ahead and walk student to the office they need, or provide them with a map. Follow up to ensure the student got there.

Virtual: Use the student’s callback information to call the receiving office, make the connection on the student’s behalf and ask them to contact the student. Follow-up. 

Commitment 5: First Week Greetings

During the first week of classes, set up information tables and meet students in the parking lot, welcome students to the college. 

Virtual: During the first week of classes, as course drop dates and filing for degrees approach; especially first time in college students, to ensure they have the information they need. 


Caring Campus is a proven method from the Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC) taught to SRJC classified professionals by Coach Jordan Horowitz


Classified professionals are essential to student success! Why?
  • We’re often the first people students contact​.
  • We assist in times of crisis​.
  • We are knowledgeable about the college​.
  • We know the local community​.
  • We can create a sense of connectedness and caring.

Caring Campus Committee

Caring Campus is a sub-committee of Classified Senate. We encourage the entire SRJC community to join our meetings and share Caring Campus moments or provide feedback. Meetings are held via Zoom on the last Wednesday of the month at 10:00am. 

Meeting ID: 867 7191 3753
Passcode: 7

Committee Meeting Notes

The following classified professionals have volunteered for an ongoing workgroup to support the implementation of these initiatives at SRJC:

Group photo of classified staff
Name Title Department Email Phone

Becky Alvarez

International Student Advisor (Notetaker) International Student Program 707-524-1751

Maria Banachowicz

Administrative Assistant III

Petaluma Administration 707-778-3678
Candy Bridgers Coordinator EOPS/Foster Youth Educational Support 707-521-7822
Martha Ceja Administrative Assistant II Child Development 707-527-4212
Stephanie Dirks Accountant Accounting 707-527-4755
Andrew Gratto-Bachman Coordinator, Student Success Program Petaluma/Student Services 707-778-2406
Bridget C Hodenfield Administrative Assistant I Human Resources 707-527-4954
Marianne Klahre Student Success Specialist I (Backup Notetaker) SRJC Roseland 707-527-4809
Stacey Krywaruczenko Outreach Specialist (Co-Chair) Student Outreach 707-522-2635
Jamie Longnecker Coordinator Workforce Development 707-527-4972
Nicole O'Brien Account Specialist Accounting 707-527-4504
Candy Owens Coordinator, Student Engagement Programs Petaluma/Student Services 707-778-4124
Maria Padilla Campos Admissions & Records Specialist Petaluma Campus 707-778-3607
Donna Prak Administrative Assistant II Public Safety 707-836-2905
Janet Stribling Administrative Assistant III Petaluma Campus 707-778-2476
Saralyn Vance Library Technician III Library & Info Resources 707-521-6067
Araceli Vazquez Outreach Specialist, Adult Education (Co-Chair) College Skills & Adult Ed 707-521-7829
Kyle Wallstrum Coordinator, Student Success Program Welcome & Connect Center 707-521-7911
Wendy Wasik Admissions & Records Specialist Admissions & Records 707-527-4832
Debbie Weatherly Account Specialist (IEBC Liaison) Accounting 707-527-4505