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The Santa Rosa Junior College Classified Senate represents and advocates on behalf of classified employees to the District, promoting professional growth and articulating the value of classified staff through participatory governance.




Name Term Officer
Debbie Weatherly 2020-2022 President
Kathy Matthies    Co-Vice President (interim)
Maria Banachowicz 2021-2022 Co-Vice President (interim)
Greg Drukala 2020-2022 Secretary
Jackie De Lap 2020-2022 Treasurer
Maria Banachowicz 2020-2022 Communications 



Name Term Sector
vacant   A. Communication Studies, Theater and Fashion, Art, Music, Culinary      
vacant   B. Disability Resources
Kimm Howard 2021-2023 C. Admissions and Records
Nicole O'Brien 2020-2022 D. Accounting, Administrative Services, Educational Programs, Mail, Scheduling, AAIII Deans, Purchasing, Academic Senate, Payroll
Kyle Wallstrum 2020-2022 E. Financial Aid,  Scholarship, Veterans Affairs, Matriculation, Assessment
vacant   F. Graphic Services, Public Relations, Foundation, College Skills, Community and Contract Education
Regina Mahiri 2021-2023 G. Student Employment, Transfer Center, Work Experience, Counseling, CalWorks, Articulation, EOPS, Mesa, Foster Kinship Care, College to Careers, Student Affairs, Student Services, Student Outreach
vacant   H. Information Technology, Staff Development, Bussman Service Center, AAIII STEM
Tina Rosenberg 2020-2022 I. Child Development, Children's Center
vacant   J. Human Resources, Payroll, Auto Shop, Industrial Trade Tech
vacant   K. World Languages, Emeritus Service Center, Environmental Health and Safety, Health Sciences, Health Services
Ann Schott 2020-2022 L. Earth Space Science, Ag/Natural Resources,  Lark Service Center, College Farm, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Applied Tech, Engineering/Physics, Mathematics, Planetarium
Marianne Klahre 2020-2022 M. BCL, Business Administration, Computer Studies, Healthcare Workforce, Kinesiology/Athletics/Dance, Dean BAD, ESL, SWC
Solomon Ghebretensae 2020-2022 N. Facilities Operations, Warehouse
vacant   O. District Police
vacant   P. Petaluma Campus
vacant   Q. Tutorial Center, Media Services
Shauna Malvino 2020-2022 R. Library, Instructional Computing, Distance Education, Dean AAIII Arts, Comm. Behavioral/Social Science
Heather Adams &
Christopher Lorange
2020-2022 S. Public Safety Training Center-Windsor
Linda Jay 2021-2023 T. Senator "at large"
Shannon O'Reilly 2021-2023 U. Senator "at large"
DeAnna Rogers   SEIU Liaison